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Our Products

Our product portfolio features innovative and energy efficient wireless lighting technology, high performance noise reduction in your environment, and intelligent security systems - all designed to deliver breathtaking experiences.

Prism One Wireless Programmable Lighting Environment Controls

Lighting, Controls and Infrastructure

Our wireless control devices for indoor and outdoor applications deliver consistent energy savings, ROI and peace of mind.

Prism One Flooring Ecosystems

Flooring Ecosystems

With a focus on sustainability, durability and acoustical properties, Prism One has developed a flooring ecosystem designed to meet the demanding needs of the commercial environment.

Prism One Safety and Security

Safety and Security

With a full portfolio of safety and security products, our installations are designed to reduce risk and liability in your environments.

Our Services

Our service lines are driven by the passion for finding the perfect balance between Economy, Efficiency and Sustainability. From early planning to integration, we cover every phase of your projects' lifecycle.

Product Development, Sourcing and Logistics

Product Development, Sourcing and Logistics

With extensive experience at product development, from concept through to production, we create and refine designs and then identify the right team of suppliers and manufacturing partners.

Prism One Connected Control and Integration

Connected Control and Integration

Our control system architecture consists of interconnected intelligent devices that improve building comfort and economic efficiency.

Prism One Environmental Services

Environmental Services

We provide a full range of environmental services from resource use analysis to waste diversion programs.

Prism One is committed to creating high-quality and well designed products and services.


We Are Makers.

Prism One is committed to creating high-quality and well designed products and services. We work in partnership with hospitality and commercial industries to help drive innovation, support their financial and organizational goals, and enable their transformation in a value-driven era. The result is both operational excellence and a more connected, secure and environmentally friendly deliverable.

Located in the Orlando, Florida area with more than a decade of experience, our diverse background provides us with a unique opportunity to work with world-class resorts, theme parks and commercial property owners.

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