Prism One creates inspired solutions, which support lifecycle sustainability and avoid the subjectivity of social responsibility. We deliver this by utilizing our solution realization process, which creates quantifiable results using our proprietary asset lifecycle methodology.

Prism One creates solutions…

Our clients represent many different industries with various perspectives, objectives and available resources. Every solution we craft is unique and designed to support a client’s specific set of circumstances. Prism One is dedicated to the creation of solutions (products, processes and services), which support their lifecycle sustainability needs.

Lifecycle sustainability…

At Prism One, we define lifecycle sustainability as the harmonious balance of efficiency, economy and environmentality - at a given point in time. We work closely with our clients to develop a deep understanding of the spectrum within which they operate relative to each of these core pillars of lifecycle sustainability. We succeed by creating custom solutions that represent a unique intersection among these three competing objectives.

Subjectivity of social responsibility …

Many definitions of sustainability include a social responsibility component. We purposely avoid these definitions, as the “social” attributes are very subjective and difficult to quantify. Instead, we expect all our solutions to provide a benefit to society as a natural consequence of their success.

Solution realization process…

The nature of our solution realization process is one of interactive discovery and is iterative and evolutionary. Our staff has broad and diverse industry and functional expertise. We thrive on constantly challenging each other and the status quo. By continually refining our solutions, we consistently deliver superior results for our clients.

Quantifiable results…

We believe that lifecycle sustainable solutions must lead to quantifiable outcomes. A primary objective is to help our clients achieve their initiatives by providing transparency and creating awareness for the underlying metrics of success. We utilize a proprietary asset lifecycle methodology to develop these metrics. We then achieve this objective by leveraging technology to provide detailed reporting and validation throughout the execution of your initiatives.

Asset lifecycle methodology…

The use of our asset lifecycle methodology allows us to accurately assess, audit and quantify the impact of any product, process or service on the core pillars of lifecycle sustainability. We accomplish this by monitoring every asset from selection or design through use, reuse and ultimately, end of life. This strategy allows us to design a solution and ultimately, validate the results we achieve for our clients.
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