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Radiance, a division of Prism One Group Inc. , was formed for the specific purpose of capturing and exploiting the opportunities created by advances in LED lighting technology.

By implementing the latest technologies, which are inherently energy efficient and offer long life and low maintenance, our clients gain an economic benefit while achieving a unique and aesthetically pleasing design. The Radiance product line contains a wide range of solutions, which complement all environments and blend seamlessly with any architecture.

LED lighting solutions are exceptionally efficient, consuming only 10-15% of the power required for conventional lighting systems. The addition of relatively low cost, sophisticated control systems (motion sensing, dimming etc.) can be utilized to further enhance these efficiencies.

In a new construction environment, additional savings can be captured due to the fact that LED lights are powered with Low Voltage (up to 48v DC) wiring systems. Low Voltage systems require a small fraction of the infrastructure and labor required to install traditional (110v) wiring/lighting systems.

Many of our clients are retrofitting existing facilities with LED lighting in order to reduce their operating costs. In a typical office environment it is not unusual for lighting to represent 50% of the monthly power bill. Radiance lighting fixtures are uniquely and specifically designed to reduce the labor and cost of retrofits.

Radiance clients can also look forward to significant reductions in maintenance costs due to the long operating life (50,000 hours) of our LED lighting systems. You will no longer be paying for replacement bulbs or ballasts, or the labor associated with these replacements. The Radiance product line is guaranteed for 6 years in a commercial environment and 10 years in a residential setting.

The net savings resulting from reductions in the cost of: power, installation and ongoing maintenance make LED lighting a smart decision for any building owner.

As a further benefit, LED lighting systems have a significantly smaller impact on our environment than traditional lighting systems. 95% of their components are recyclable and they contain no toxic materials.

Radiance LED lighting systems embody the ultimate balance of Efficiency, Economy and Environmentality and are a model of lifecycle sustainable solutions.

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