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Design / Acquire:

We typically begin by working with our clients to understand and quantify the trade-offs associated with alternate products and processes during the design phase of your solution.

Leveraged Purchasing: Amethyst simplifies and optimizes the sourcing of products and materials by leveraging our network of direct relationships with manufacturers and suppliers.

Build / Enhance:

Once the procurement and construction process is underway we will assist you in either obtaining or building custom solutions, which fit your design criteria and sustainability objectives.

Points Connected: Quartz provides the underlying infrastructure required to enable the connectivity of various endpoints and data sources.

Electronics Optimized: Opal leverages the infrastructure by adding the controls and components desired to create the optimal environment and end user experiences.

Lighting Enhanced: Radiance enhances the aesthetic objectives of the design while minimizing the use of energy through the utilization of state of the art LED lighting, controls and power distribution systems.

Use / Manage / Learn / Refine:

As each component of your solution is acquired, it is entered into our Asset Lifecycle system. We collect and store (and are constantly updating) myriads of data related to each of your assets.

Asset Assistant: Amber manages the assets in your home, business, facility or municipality. Our system provides you with the information, options and feedback required to allow you to make intelligent decisions related to purchasing, deploying, locating, maintaining, supporting and disposing of your assets.

End of Use/Life:

When your individual assets reach the end of usefulness in their current configuration we analyze the options and recommend the best next step in their individual lifecycle.

Value Optimized: Diamond determines the optimal disposition strategy for your assets within their lifecycle. Manages all related transactions and fiduciary obligations.

Auditable Reporting & Validation:

Eventually, some assets will outlive their usefulness in any configuration. At this point we work within the parameters of your sustainability program to properly divert or dispose of the asset.

Managed & Verified: For those clients that require it, Emerald designs and oversees a customized asset diversion program to meet the individual environmental needs of our clients. We offer a methodology, which delivers real time verification and ultimately, certification of your program objectives.

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